Can Essential Oils Treat ADHD Symptoms?

I’m on a journey to understand how essential oils work and if they can help treat our family’s ADHD.  In this post I will describe how I’ve used essential oils to treat sleep problems, focus issues and to calm the brain during and after emotional outbursts.   If you’re looking for tactical information on howContinue reading “Can Essential Oils Treat ADHD Symptoms?”

7 Years Bad Luck: ADHD, PMS and a Broken Mirror

        This is a brutally honest post.  It needed to be written.  If anyone out there has yet to put stock in the blog posts I share and the reasons I want to help those with ADHD, perhaps this post will sway you.  I know what it means to be impulsive andContinue reading “7 Years Bad Luck: ADHD, PMS and a Broken Mirror”