From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story

This is a culmination of my journey from living paycheck to paycheck to following my dreams.  It’s a long post but if it inspires someone, it’s worth it to put my sh$& out there!   Paycheck to Paycheck     Approximately 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and if we studied the percentage ofContinue reading “From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story”

Anyone looking for Blog Mentoring?

Hi beautiful people!! My blog mentor, Jillian, is collaborating with Pete on Blogger University.  Here’s a Video  I recorded as a testimonial and it talks about my ADHD “transformation” and journey. If anyone is interested in blog tips, etc, please comment. I talk more about ADHD and mentorship in this post. I’m in the early stagesContinue reading “Anyone looking for Blog Mentoring?”

Mom Lost the Car

Freedom is a beautiful thing.  Freedom from judgment, ridicule, powerlessness.  Freedom has tempted me to reach out to the world and speak. Listen world, ADHD is a real thing and people who have it can be quite amazing. This is a whispered call to action.  Please stop being afraid to “label” kids, and “medicate” brains.Continue reading “Mom Lost the Car”