Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?

This article is hard to write.  I’ve spent the past 6 years teaching my son strategies to manage his ADHD. I’m subscribed to major ADHD publications like and ADDitude Magazine.  I listen to podcasts, read articles and books, watch youtube videos and even took my son out of public school this year.  My goalsContinue reading “Neurological Conditions and the Microbiome: Can gut bacteria cause/cure ADHD?”

Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.

I was back in the classroom this week, setting up, planning and now evaluating my new Spanish students’ writing. While I’m knee-deep in 100 plus essays, take a listen to this enlightening podcast episode with Dr. Nicole Beurkens and Ari Whitten of the Energy Blue Print. If you’d prefer to read, here is the text-version link.Continue reading “Why ADHD and other psychiatric conditions are more prevalent in today’s children.”

D$mn it, I hate meal planning

Meal planning has been a “goal” for 3 years.  Yes, ever since I had my third child I’ve been enraptured by the thought of meal-planning.  It’s magic.  To me, it’s a beautiful place where one sits with a calendar, some coupons, Pinterest, and viola—the weeks’ meals are ready!!!!   Enter my truth.  My truth is:Continue reading “D$mn it, I hate meal planning”

The Drug Journal

Are you afraid of stimulant medication for your ADHD child?  Does the thought of an anti-depressant for a 9-year-old make you cringe?  This post is about a tool I named a “drug journal.”  It was incredibly helpful while we worked through the trial and error stage of ADHD medication and dosing with my then thirdContinue reading “The Drug Journal”

How to take your ADHD kids out to dinner and actually enjoy it

The first time I went out to dinner with my son he was an infant and slept through the entire event.  Fast forward 18 months and meals out we’re like walking on hot lava with bare feet—only for the highly skilled professional and a total s$&t show for other diners.  There are many parents whoContinue reading “How to take your ADHD kids out to dinner and actually enjoy it”

The Evolution of our basement: Building passive income—ADHD style.

This July I learned the true meaning of passive income. As a teacher, I’ve sold lesson plans, here and there, for 50 cents to $7 on Teachers Pay Teachers.  But, on July 1st, I made real money!!! How did I do it? Here’s the evolution of our basement:   Guest Room     Our basementContinue reading “The Evolution of our basement: Building passive income—ADHD style.”

ADHD Confessions: I may have killed my cat. :(

  We rescued a dog this year for my eldest son.  He’s been the perfect addition to our family.  The one hiccup was our cat.  As soon as we brought Enzo home, Cali would run and hide.  She would escape outdoors and be gone for 3 days at a time.  She officially became an outdoorContinue reading “ADHD Confessions: I may have killed my cat. :(“

Relationships— My ADHD Superpower.

I am lucky to have amazing friends and family in my life. The people I love, love me back.  From a shared book, to a shared tear, to a shared job, I’m in it to win it.  I go all in with relationships.  They heal me, motivate me, and fill me up.   Relationship BuilderContinue reading “Relationships— My ADHD Superpower.”

Wannabe Money Blogger

My Why I’ve been blogging for 1 year, and my site went “live” 10 months ago.  I originally started blogging because I wanted to make a change in my life.  I am a teacher and my job is draining.  I’ve learned so much about managing my own and my son’s ADHD I thought I couldContinue reading “Wannabe Money Blogger”

Our First Homeschool Lesson

We completed our first homeschool lesson on accident this week.  A plan to use Groupon at Port Discovery in Baltimore fell through because the dates listed were incorrect.  After my husband, who won’t take no for an answer, finished with Groupon we had $45 to spend.  So, we bought Historic Ships tickets at the InnerContinue reading “Our First Homeschool Lesson”