World Autism Day and Travel

I was invited to write a guest blog post for the travel app and website. World Autism Day is Friday, April 2nd. If you’re planning a trip with your kiddos once the world reopens, I think you’ll find some good tips here. What is Sensory Sensitivity? We use our senses (there are actually 8Continue reading “World Autism Day and Travel”

Work Flow and Cyclical Time for ADHD

I began using a blank journal as a planner in 2020. I completely trashed the expensive planner I was using. Because, quite frankly, 2020 has not fit into any neat boxes or timelines for me. When talking with other ADHD and neuro diverse individuals, the idea of time blindness, hyperfocus and time management comes upContinue reading “Work Flow and Cyclical Time for ADHD”

Blogger to Author

I’m turning this blog into a book! It’s been a work in progress for the past 4 years. I decided to leverage the blog to help other ADHD families get results. Family ADDventures is all about my and my family’s shifts, success and failures, but it’s not set up to support full on transformation. Here is how I’m planning to turn 3 years of blog posts into a cohesive story with action items that convert.

Oreos and Prosecco for Breakfast: The Wins and Weirds of Life on the Road

This is a forgotten post from our final 2 weeks on the road last July.  Feels like a lifetime ago.  Enjoy!!!       Road trippin’ with three kids and a dog is not for the faint of heart.  Now that we’re finally settled in San Antonio for a bit I’ve had some time toContinue reading “Oreos and Prosecco for Breakfast: The Wins and Weirds of Life on the Road”

What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine

Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash When I was first coming to grips with my ADHD I wanted meds to fix me but I needed strategies to make me more productive. I wanted a partner to love me for all my faults but I needed one who would help me improve upon them instead. IContinue reading “What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine”

Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD

Happy New Year! I’ve written about this before, but not with such an honest picture of my family’s mental wellness. We recently made a lot of changes in our life (like moving from Rockville, MD to San Antonio, TX) to improve our life and our health, too! Since we’ve settled in after a rather hecticContinue reading “Gut-Brain Axis and ADHD”

Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition

  On August 19th, my son started 7th grade at a middle school in San Antonio, TX.  We planned he would go for a month to receive some instruction before our move to Puerto Rico.  As soon as he started classes I was on eggshells, wondering if he would “make it” being in a school buildingContinue reading “Public School After Homeschool: 4 Tips for the Transition”

From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story

This is a culmination of my journey from living paycheck to paycheck to following my dreams.  It’s a long post but if it inspires someone, it’s worth it to put my sh$& out there!   Paycheck to Paycheck     Approximately 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and if we studied the percentage ofContinue reading “From 4 Jobs and 3 kids in DC to Mini-Retired in Puerto Rico: A Money Story”

Slow Parenting: Embracing Simplicity before Puerto Rico

It’s unconventional, taking my family to Puerto Rico for 10 months.  But, I realize what the greater goal is: simplification.  There are so many choices, conveniences, decisions, schools, activities, and schedules to juggle as a parent.  Overwhelming isn’t the word.  It’s just complete, chaotic overload.  Throw two working parents, 3 kids, 2 jobs, 2 sideContinue reading “Slow Parenting: Embracing Simplicity before Puerto Rico”