What I Needed–ADHD reflections during the Covid-19 Quarantine


Photo by Haley Lawrence on Unsplash

When I was first coming to grips with my ADHD I wanted meds to fix me but I needed strategies to make me more productive.


I wanted a partner to love me for all my faults but I needed one who would help me improve upon them instead.


I wanted a son who would listen but I needed a son who would show me the parenting work I still had to do.

I wanted a blog to show me all the answers.  I needed those narratives to keep me from the loneliness of our diagnosis.


I wanted an extended family who would support me in my decisions to parent differently, I needed an extended family that believed in me.  Thankfully, that’s what I got.

I wanted a structured family life with organized rooms, chore charts and dinner at 6 sharp.  I needed a flexible household that could bend with our sheer number of needs and not buckle under pressure.

I wanted to birth non-adhd children to show myself  thatI was a good parent when a child was “easy.”  I needed more adhd children to test my skills and ensure I understood my first born’s lessons.


I wanted an easy, breezy family life.  I needed the reassurance that I was one bada$$ MF mom so my family life is complete chaos some days, especially these days.

I hope this quarantine is giving you everything you needed even if it’s nothing you wanted.  See you on the other side.

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