Finding a Comfortable Bed at 8 plus Feet Tall

I’m watching a spot-on series through MedCircle today.  It’s short interviews with Dr. Domenick Sportelli.  He’s a double board certified clinical psychiatrist and an ADHD expert.


I’m trudging through homeschool this year, second-guessing every decision and losing sleep some nights.  This handsome doctor may save the day for those ADHD mamas and papas who are slowly losing our minds.

How the Average Height Curve Relates to ADHD 

Dr.  Sportelli presents a winning metaphor.  It simplifies ALL OF THE REASONS I decided to homeschool.  Here goes:


Most male height ranges between 5’5” and 6’3”.  Everything from beds, to car interior ceilings, to basketball hoops, to countertops, to Lazy Boys are made to fit a person between those heights.

Educational institutions serve the general public and therefore the academic needs of the average student.  Students who don’t fit into the “bell curve” aren’t supported well by these institutions.


Now, back to heights. Imagine an 8’8” man buying a bed.  He can’t just walk into Mattress Discounters, or even order from Amazon, for that matter.  He must special-order a bed.  Otherwise his feet will hang off the edge, EVERY NIGHT.


An ADHD brain is similar to a man with a height on the outskirts of the average height curve. Like the 8’8” man, the ADHD student falls outside of the service area. His brain isn’t well-served by average behavioral techniques, teaching strategies and learning frameworks.

So, this year, I’ve special-ordered an education for my son.  I know that teachers, counselors and administrators work hard to reach every student.  Shit, I’m one of them!  But, I also know this is an opportunity to reach my son in ways traditional education just can’t.  Click here to watch the MedCircle Series.  And sign up for their newsletter.  It’s all things mental health delivered straight to your inbox.

Hope you have a productive and peaceful week!


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I'm an educator by profession and mom to 3. My husband, eldest son and I have ADHD. My aim is to help families overcome the challenges of ADHD, whether it be at home or navigating the classroom. I'm an advocate for all children, but especially for those who are "different." Through this blog I share my story of building our best life and solving typical ADHD “problems” in creative and inspiring ways. Welcome to our Family ADDventures.

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