Can Essential Oils Treat ADHD Symptoms?

I’m on a journey to understand how essential oils work and if they can help treat our family’s ADHD.  In this post I will describe how I’ve used essential oils to treat sleep problems, focus issues and to calm the brain during and after emotional outbursts.


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If you’re looking for tactical information on how to create DIY bath and body products this might not be the article for you.  I will tell you how I dilute and apply or diffuse the oils I use specifically to treat ADHD symptoms.  Here is an excellent post from ADHDboss that explains how essential oils work on our reptilian brain.


The Essential oils I use are:

Lavender- for sleep (Diffuse in your bedroom at night.  Trans dermal application–feet or pulse points.)

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Vetiver-for focused, cognitive energy (Inhale from a roller bottle or apply behind the ear lobes on pulse points and chest.)

Frankincense- for calming fears and anxiety. (Apply behind the ears.)  This is a great oil for children experiencing a nightmare .  I apply it behind my daughter’s earlobes and put her back to bed.


Clove Lime mix for relaxation after stressful situations or outbursts:  (Trans dermal application-place 1 drop behind each earlobe.)

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I use a roll-on bottle to make the clove lime mix.  It’s 22 drops of each clove and lime essential oils.  Fill the bottle the rest of the way with your carrier oil (I like sweet almond).  Thanks to Tash!  I grabbed the Clove Lime recipe from her blog:

For your Reference

A Library of Essential Oils:

 Here is a link To Dr. Axe’s natural remedies library.  This link provides information on many essential oils including known studies that have tested effectiveness and hints and tips for using the oils.


A parting gift. . .

I’m leaving you with a cheat sheet for treating ADHD/Autism with essential oils.   I copied it from Autism Parenting Magazine.  It’s a quick reference guide:

Download our FREE guide - The top 10 essential oils for autism and ADHD.

Have you used essential oils to treat your or your family’s ADHD?  How have they worked for you?

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