Water Detective

Last month B participated in the science fair at his elementary school.  It was the first year picking a project was a breeze.  It was all about water.


This post is sponsored by Berkey water. I only write about products I use and love.  Usually these products have made a difference for ADHD.


Drinking Pure Water

Every since we purchased a Berkey water system my son has been intrigued by water.  He helped me build the Berkey as soon as it arrived.  We became obsessed with the neurotoxins from pesticides and pharmaceuticals that could be lurking in our tap water!  We also were amazed we could pour creek water into our Berkey, and safe, healthy drinking water would come out on the other side.


For my son’s project, he tested levels of TDS, or total dissolved solids, as well as taste for 4 types of drinking water.





Interestingly, cleaner water did not equate to better taste for most of the testers.  People gravitated to the “taste” of water they drank most often.  If they usually drank bottled water, even though it had a more metallic taste, that’s what they chose.  If they drank tap water, they chose tap water for best taste.


Always about mindset


How does everything I write become a post about mindset?  In this case, human adaptability is a hinderance.  If something is not healthy, but we are accustomed to it, we PREFER the unhealthy choice!  Think about this in terms of skim milk, Diet Coke, or sugarless gum.  All of those choices are less healthy than their full fat or natural sugar counterparts, but we choose the unhealthy versions because we are accustomed to the flavor or texture.



Testers’ water choices were  astonishing to my son who has been drinking Berkey water for over a year.  Even the scientist who evaluated his project chose Deer Park (she is a bottled water drinker).  So how do we help our readers make better water choices?  Water is something we drink all day, every day.  Our gift to readers is below.  You don’t need to be a water detective, we’ve done the work for you.


If you’d like to try the Berkey, the system is available through this link for a discount: Berkey


If you purchase through this link I get a small percentage of the purchase price. Thank you!


We’ve saved a lot of money by not purchasing bottled water.  Beyond that, the peace of mind in knowing there are no residual pharmaceuticals or pesticides  in our water which could exacerbate ADHD,  is priceless.

Drinking more water, in general, can help to focus the brain.  Have you ever considered how water might affect ADHD?  


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