Building Confidence and Connection

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Building Confidence and Connection

Nicole Santiago, M.Ed

Author, Executive Function and Family Coach, Advocate

I struggled for the first 4 years of my eldest son’s life to be a “good” mom.  Parenting was challenging because my son was “difficult.” 

As soon as he started school, he hated it. As an educator, by profession, it broke my heart to see him cry and resist every weekday morning.

And then there was our home life. We were all tired because my son didn’t sleep consistently. He seemed addicted to TV, but when I tried to get him involved in classes and sports he couldn’t listen to directions or participate like the other kids.

Maybe you have similar struggles. Does your home life feel unruly and unwieldy, at times, because everyone wants to be in charge?  Is it chaotic, full of loud voices and heightened emotions?  

Listen, I get that. As a mom with innattentive ADHD managing a household of 5 neurodivergent individuals, I understand how hard it is.

In the past 9 years, my family has made huge strides in calming our brains, edifying our relationships with one another and finding ways to THRIVE, not just survive, with ADHD. And I want to help you find peace, too. Read on to learn how I help turn chaos to calm.

Through Simplicity Parent coaching, we create a calmer and stress-reduced household. I empower ADHD moms and dads to simplify their home life so they can better support their children.  We create peace by working with your entire family. You deserve to confidently manage your household with solutions that enhance your discipline and management style.

Confidence is how we bring dignity to our children and our families.

After 12 years in the classroom, I know how to reach, motivate and structure learning for atypical kids so they feel empowered and not anxious. I teach your child how to work with, not against, her big, beautiful brain and nervous system! My goal is to build self confidence for your child, at home and at school. I work virtually with the school team and your child and will accommodate any learning environment (online, homeschool, public classroom or private).

Read on to work with me. . .


Do you wish your child could listen better? Do you feel like communication is a struggle? I’ve just launched an Influential Communication Course with Mindset Coach and educator Ava Sharma of Click here to check out the course. Let this school year be calm, with easy communication and deep connection with your child!

Schedule a Big 3

Receive my top 3 recommendations to go from an overwhelmed to a peaceful household.


Big Three/Action Plan

Our first consult call is all about you, your child and you family’s needs. We spend an hour discussing where you most want support. I’ll email you a plan with my top 3 recommendations and resources to get started finding peace, immediately!


Monthly Parent/Executive Function Coaching Package

ADHD families and families with atypical kids do best when EVERYONE gets support! My most popular package includes 3 coaching sessions, plus resources, email contact, and weekly check-ins. Your child’s educational needs determine if you’d prefer more parent or EF coaching over the month.


Executive Function (EF) Coaching

Some atypical students need help with schoolwork and Mom or Dad may be tired of checking the grading platform, every day to see another missed assignment. I work with a student to develop her executive function skills, build an arsenal of emotional dysregulation tools, help manage her academic workload, and teach her to schedule aligned rewards into her day. My students become successful at whatever they do, even with little or no motivation at the beginning.



Both of my children worked with Nicole for over a year to feel more comfortable and confident in the classroom. Nicole is terrific at narrowing in on specific issues where they may be struggling and providing support. She is personable and reliable and I could not more highly recommend her.

— K. H.


San Antonio, TX 78250

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