Building Confidence and Connection

Family ADDventures Advocacy

Building Confidence and Connection

Family ADDventures Advocacy protects disabled students, especially those with emotional and behavioral disorders, or invisible mental health conditions like Autism and depression, from being improperly flagged as discipline problems in the school system. 

Family ADDventures does this in three ways.

First, it ensures disabled students are receiving services afforded to them by law through IDEA. 

Second, it keeps disabled children out of the school-to-prison pipeline by providing education and training to educators, school staff, and parents. 

Third, it brings awareness of learning disabilities and other mental differences to the public through social media, ebooks, podcasts, interviews, and free education. 

Hi! I’m Nicole Santiago, M. Ed, founder of Family ADDventures Advocacy. My unique qualifications to do this work stem from 12 years as a classroom educator where I advocated for many neurodivergent students and fought to keep them in my general education classroom. In my last two years as a teacher, I instituted the Lives in the Balance Collaborative Problem Solving Method of discipline (developed by Dr. Ross Greene).  It helped me teach high school/middle school Spanish classes without using grades.

During this same period of time, I was personally battling to secure resources for my own 3 children with learning differences, which came with victories and defeats.

The work to keep children with dyslexia, Autism, and other learning and behavioral needs in general education classes and out of behavioral units is never-ending.   

I have partnerships with two school districts, The Texas Department of Mental Health, the Autism Liason for Northside ISD, Tambor Rhythms Occupational Therapy,  Think-Time Inc. (Planner and Resources for ADHD/Creative Entrepreneurs) out of Dallas, and the Autism Community Network here in San Antonio.  I can serve clients anywhere, virtually, and mostly work in Michigan, Texas, and Maryland.

I present on how to best serve disabled students in public schools and I educate parents and guardians on how to advocate for their children in school, at church, and beyond!

Educational Therapy

After 12 years in the classroom, I know how to reach, motivate and structure learning for atypical kids so they feel empowered and not anxious. I teach your child how to work with, not against, her big, beautiful brain and nervous system! My goal is to build self-confidence for your child, at home, and at school. I work virtually with the school team and your child and will accommodate any learning environment (online, homeschool, public classroom, or private).

See below for pricing and to book an Ed therapy session!

Schedule an IEP Consult

Let me review your child’s education program and make a plan to improve it.


IEP Consult

Is your child receiving all the special education services they require? Does it feel like the IEP is written in another language? I can help! If you have a gut feeling something is missing at school, let me help you review your IEP and navigate the process to fix it!


Full Year School Advocacy Package

A full school year of IEP advocacy services including:

  • On-boarding Zoom call with family, as well as case/records, review to develop an advocacy strategy 
  • Formal ARD/IEP Request
  • Communication with school (plus Ghostwriting for parents)
  • Communication with other educational professionals and therapists to ensure the child has an appropriate diagnosis, services, information, and records in the school file
  • Follow up after ARD/IEP meeting with the school to ensure IEP is implemented with fidelity
  • Annual ARD/IEP meeting attendance–(this may be in addition to the requested IEP from step 2)
  • Communication with the client throughout the school year to ensure the child is properly supported by school staff, or for any school/classroom issues that arise (Voxer, text messaging).
  • Attend Transition ARD/IEP if required
  • FERPA Request–all school records-if necessary 
  • File a grievance or state complaint-if necessary

$1,1150 (OR $100/month)

Educational Therapy

Some atypical students need help with schoolwork and Mom or Dad may be tired of checking the grading platform, every day to see another missed assignment. I work with a student to develop her executive function skills, build an arsenal of emotional dysregulation tools, help manage her academic workload, and teach her to schedule aligned rewards into her day. My students become successful at whatever they do, even with little or no motivation at the beginning.



Both of my children worked with Nicole for over a year to feel more comfortable and confident in the classroom. Nicole is terrific at narrowing in on specific issues where they may be struggling and providing support. She is personable and reliable and I could not more highly recommend her.

— K. H.


San Antonio, TX 78250

Want to help spread acceptance and support free resource creation for ADHD and neurodivergent families?

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